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Archaeological museum "Veliki Preslav"

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Archaeological museum "Veliki Preslav"

Located within the boundaries of the medieval capital Veliki Preslav, the Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum presents all significant monuments from the history of capital Preslav. The formation of a real museum collection took place as far back as 1906. And in 1981, a museum building was built. The exhibition presents exhibits illustrating the achievements of the Preslav culture – products from the Preslav painted ceramics, a rich collection of epigraphic monuments illustrating the literary traditions in Preslav, a unique collection of lead seals. The unique Preslav gold treasure is kept in the treasury of the museum.

The museum is successor of the Archaeological Society “Ticha”, founded by Yordan Gospodinov in 1906. In 1949 the Museum acquired its own building, located within the boundaries of today’s archaeological reserve. In 1981 a new building was completed, intended for the museum only and also located in the reserve. The museum takes care of a representative fund related to the historical development of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, maintains an exhibition, conducts archaeological research and scientific activities. It has a created name for itself as an established center of Bulgarian medieval archeology and a cultural center of the town of Veliki Preslav.

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Veliki Preslav

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Preslav Treasures

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History of Preslav

Thanks to the archaeological excavations that have existed for over a century in Preslav, today we know that the city dates back decades before it was declared a capital - probably at the beginning of the 9th century, in the time of Khan Krum or Khan Omurtag.

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Archaeological museum “Veliki Preslav”

P.O. Box 16, Veliki Preslav 9850 Bulgaria
tel. +359538 43243

Tourist information center Veliki Preslav

61A “Boris Spirov” str., Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
tel. +359 5384 2309

Transport - how to get to the Museum?

Archaeological museum “Veliki Preslav” is located in National Archaeological reserve Veliki Preslav. You can reach us by bus, car or bicycle. By CAR and BUS: You can use two parking lot for cars at the 50 m from the building.

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