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St. Panteleimon Monastery in Patleina area, Veliki Preslav

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The Monastery of Patleina area

 It is located 2.5 km., south of the fortress walls of the old capital Veliki Preslav. The beginning of its research was set in 1909 by Yordan Gospodinov – a local teacher and archaeologist. The remains of a church, with a preserved height of up to 2.50 m, and south of it the residential and monastery premises were discovered. In its immediate vicinity, there are workshops for making ceramic decorations and facilities for washing, sedimentation and purification of the white Preslav clay. A masonry tomb with six burial chambers is preserved under the northern wall of the church.

The white-clay, painted pottery from the “Patleyna” area reveals the rich decoration of plant motifs, images of saints, inscriptions in Greek, Cyrillic and Glagolitic. A clear sign that the monastery cloister was one of the many places in the medieval Preslav center of intellectual work. And the mastery of the monks remained unsurpassed in the 9th – 10th centuries. Perhaps there is a basis for the hypothesis that Prince Boris I the Baptist himself preferred the monastery for his monastic ministry and the students of Cyril and Methodius prefer the monastery as a place for educational activities and for creating The Cyrillic.

What can you visit here?

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Monastery "St. Panteleimon" Monastery in the locality of Patleina

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Preslav Treasures

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Information from history

History of the monastery

At its heyday in the 9th and 10th centuries, the monastery was among the leading centres of the Preslav Literary School, as well as one of the most prominent centres of production of painted decorative ceramics.

Where to get tourist information?


Archaeological museum “Veliki Preslav”

P.O. Box 16, Veliki Preslav 9850 Bulgaria
tel. +359538 43243

Tourist information center Veliki Preslav

61A “Boris Spirov” str., Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
tel. +359 5384 2309

Transport - how to get to the Monastery?

The Patleina locality is located 2.5 km south of the fotress walls of the old capital Veliki Preslav. You can reach us by bus, car or bicycle.
By CAR and BUS: There is a parking lot for cars, which is located about 350 m from the monastery.

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