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Saint Clement Hillfort

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Saint Clement Hillfort

A highland fortified hillfort and one of the oldest pilgrimage sites, which is deeply connected with Moravian history. The evidence of the Great Moravian highland fortified settlement with preserved relics of fortifications, inhabited at the latest since the mid-9th century, is a cultural monument.

The hillfort is located approximately 17 kilometres west of the Staré Město and was built on one of the wooded hills in the south-western part of the Chřiby Mountains, near the former old merchant road that connected the Central Moravia region with Brno and is surrounded by many legends, the most famous of which is connected with the Cyril and Methodius tradition. Probably a church and a monastery used to stand here. In 1421 the church complex was burnt down by the Hussites and since the 16th century the place has been deserted.
Today, you can see the remains of the ramparts and ditches fortifying the entire fortress.

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The hillfort on the hill of St. Clement was known in prehistoric times, archaeological excavations have shown a settlement lasting from the 9th century to the end of the 15th century. The conveniently situated and well-protected location on the old trade route that connected Pomerania with Brno was already used by settlers during the Great Moravian Empire (9th century). According to later tradition, they even built a church here, where the relics of St. Clement were kept until St. Constantine and Methodius brought them to Rome.

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Na Velehradě jsou dvě informační centra, kde mohou turisté a návštěvníci získat informace o prohlídkách, akcích, výstavách a dalších aktivitách, které v obci dějí.

Town of Osvětimany

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Tourist Information Centre Koryčany

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How to get to the hillfort?

The easiest way to get to the hillfort is to park your car in the parking lot at Křížek, from where you can walk to the hillfort as well as to the ruins of Cimburk Castle or to the rock formations Kozel and Kazatelna. If you want to get to the hillfort of St. Clement, follow the yellow trail. We walk through the forest for 1.5 km to the Svatý Kliment (St. Clement) signpost. Turn right and after about 200 metres uphill you will come to the archaeological excavation and the chapel of St. Clement.