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Benedictine monastery Rajhrad

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Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad

The Benedictine monastery in Rajhrad keeps within its walls the largest Moravian monastic library with more than 65 thousand books. Some are older than the monastery itself, founded by Břetislav I around 1048. Manuscripts associated with Queen Eliška Rejčka, the second wife of King Wenceslas II and stepmother of the last Přemyslid Wenceslas III, represent the culmination of medieval writing.

The monastery in Rajhrad near Brno is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Moravia. The monastery has always served as a centre of culture and education. Today you can visit the Abbey Church of Saints Peter and Paul and the Memorial of Literature in Moravia with its historical library.
The permanent exhibition of the memorial presents Moravian literature over the past ten centuries. The jewel of the exposition is especially the restored historical library. The library of the Benedictine Abbey of Rajhrad is one of the largest monastic libraries in the Czech Republic and contains 65,000 historical volumes. There is a permanently functional sacristy in the east wing of the monastery. The restored chapter hall with an adjoining exhibition room is also in use.

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Information from history


In the place of the Old Slavic settlement, a Great Moravian settlement was gradually built, probably with a small church. The monumental Baroque church of Saints Peter and Paul dominates the present-day monastery of Rajhrad.

Where to get tourist information?


Where else to get guaranteed information than on the site of the Benedictine monastery.

Museum of Literature in Moravia

Klášter 1, 664 61 Rajhrad
tel. +420 544 544 280

Benedictine Abbey of Saints Peter and Paul

Klášter 1, 664 61 Rajhrad
tel. +420 547 230 027

How to get to the monastery?

The monastery can be reached by road from the town of Rajhrad (approx. 1 km), with shuttle trains and buses from Brno (12 km).

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