Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

the sixth stage of hiking

Osvětimany - Velehrad

Basic information about the trail

The Chřiby Mountains are a very interesting area in terms of natural beauty and history. We can find here very valuable landscape and natural history sites, romantic forest corners, rocks, wells, streams, deep valleys and places with a distant view and many archaeological sites. It is worth going off the beaten track to look for the often bizarre rock formations.

What's ahead of us?

Starting point: Osvětimany

Ending point: Velehrad

Distance: 22,6 km

Estimated travel time: 7:07 hours

Difficulty: medium

Altitude: ascent 667 m, descent 726 m

Surface: paved asphalt road, forest and field paths

Critical points: From the signpost Kamenná studánka - odb. take extra care because you are approaching a very busy 1st class road, which you will cross at the signpost Buchlov - bus. This is a very problematic section with frequent car and motorcycle accidents. However, the place is clear to cross.

Our tip:

Take plenty of food and drink with you, as there are sections of the trail with no food available for purchase during the hike.

What can be seen?

Archaeological, pilgrimage, technical and natural monuments.

Saint Clement Hillfort

Rock formation Pulpit

Ruins of the Cimburk Castle

Buchlov Castle

Chapel of St. Barbara

Břestek Rock

Tourist Information Centre Buchlovice

Sequoia in Chabaně

Bunč - Velehrad

Velehrad - an important pilgrimage site

Velehrad Tourist Centre

Infocentrum Velehrad

Where to eat and sleep?

Restaurants and accommodation along the trail.

Hotel Buchlov ***

Pension Buchlovický dvůr

Pub U Špalka

Pilgrimage House Stojanov

Camp Velehrad

VEGA centrum

Stojanovo Gymnasium Velehrad Youth Home

Velehrad House of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Hotel Skanzen

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How to get from Velehrad?

The only way to get from Velehrad is by bus, preferably to Staré Město or Uherské Hradiště, from where you can change to long-distance train and bus connections. On weekdays, the last bus from Velehrad to Staré Město or Uherské Hradiště leaves at 20.59. On weekends, the last bus leaves at 18.22.


Photos from hiking.

Why walk the trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route?

The long-distance trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route invite you to pilgrimage sites and archaeological sites that have contributed significantly to the development of Slavic culture. They are signposted in both directions and encourage wandering without borders, not only state borders.

What can be obtained?

Perhaps everyone likes to bring back something from hiking, be it various tourist and souvenir items. If you will be hiking the Cyril and Methodius Route, we have prepared the following printed materials to motivate you to hike the trail: