Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

the twelfth stage of hiking

Zlín - Napajedla

Basic information about the trail

Recommended length of one-day stages including accommodation at the end destinations.

We will walk through the forest almost the entire trail from Bata Zlín to Napajedel. We will pass only the small village of Karlovice and a part before Napajedly, where the landscape will open up.

Cosa ci aspetta?

Starting point: Zlín

Ending point: Napajedla

Distance: 21,1 km

Estimated travel time: 6:17 hours

Difficoltà: media

Altitude: ascent 400 m, descent 362 m

Surface: paved asphalt road, forest and field paths

Critical points: Zlín-Malenovice, Karlovice - walking along or crossing busy roads.

Il nostro consiglio:

Make sure you have plenty of food and drink for this stage, because in Karlovice, where we are passing through, the shop is open either in the morning or in the afternoon. It is not possible to rely on the well at Svatá Voda, where there is a problem with the purity of the water.

What can be seen?

Archaeological, pilgrimage, technical and natural monuments.

City Information and Tourist Centre

14|15 Bata Institut

Building 21, Zlín skyscraper

Tomas Bata Memorial

Svatá voda, pilgrimage site Kaménka

Napajedla Castle

Napajedla Stud Farm

Napajedla Town Hall

Church of St. Bartholomew

Museum Napajedla

Information centre Napajedla

Where to eat and sleep?

Restaurants and accommodation along the trail.

Recreation centre Hájenka

Recreational area Pahrbek

Pension Baltaci Old Chateau

Hotel and restaurant Malina

Restaurant and Pension Asterix

Hotel Castle Napajedla

Other accommodation in Napajedla

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Photos from hiking.

Why walk the trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route?

The long-distance trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route invite you to pilgrimage sites and archaeological sites that have contributed significantly to the development of Slavic culture. They are signposted in both directions and encourage wandering without borders, not only state borders.

What can be obtained?

Perhaps everyone likes to bring back something from hiking, be it various tourist and souvenir items. If you will be hiking the Cyril and Methodius Route, we have prepared the following printed materials to motivate you to hike the trail: