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St. Methodius Height Uherské Hradiště

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St. Methodius Height

The national cultural monument is located in the southeastern part of the town of Uherské Hradiště on the so-called St. Methodius Height (Sady Height). It is the remains of an important church complex from the period of the Great Moravian Empire. Christian missionaries built one of the first brick churches north of the Danube here as early as the turn of the 8th and 9th centuries.

At the time of the prosperity of the Great Moravian Empire, the church complex on Sady Height was probably an organic part of the settlement agglomeration represented today by the towns of Staré Město and Uherské Hradiště. This area is also the place where the activity of Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius of Thessaloniki is often placed. The Great Moravian complex in Sady has been protected as a cultural monument since 1963 and as a National Cultural Monument since 1969. The site is freely accessible, equipped with information boards and furniture. Occasionally, religious services and cultural events are held here.

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The settlement area in the territory of today's Staré Město, Uherské Hradiště and Sady was undoubtedly one of the centres of Great Moravia. Power administration, craft production and trade as well as religious and cultural spheres were concentrated here. After the end of the Great Moravian Empire, the importance of this centre disappeared.

Where to get tourist information?


Na Velehradě jsou dvě informační centra, kde mohou turisté a návštěvníci získat informace o prohlídkách, akcích, výstavách a dalších aktivitách, které v obci dějí.

City Information Centre UH

Masarykovo náměstí 21, 686 01 Uherské Hradiště
tel. +420 572 525 525

Moravian Slovakia Museum

Smetanovy sady 179, 686 01 Uherské Hradiště
tel. +420 572 556 556

How to get to St. Methodius Heights?

The archaeological monument on the St. Methodius Heights can be reached by bus, lines 3 and 5, stop Sady-Špitálky. Or you can drive and park at the Lídl or Penny Market and walk up the hill to the monument. It is also possible to walk from Uherské Hradiště along the green tourist trail to the St. Methodius Heights signpost. Access is free without any restrictions. The Moravian Slovakia Museum in Uherské Hradiště organises various events here throughout the year, such as the Night with Methodius or the Orthodox Liturgy Festival, etc.

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