Via Cirrilo-Methodiana - Itinerario culturale del Consiglio d'Europa

Speakers at the conference

Tatiana Mikušová

Casa Slovacca Centrope

Tatiana Mikušová has been the director for the Slovak House Centrope since 2008. For the development of thematic routes in the regions, she provides the function of supra-regional coordinator for strategic development projects, such as the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius. In the course of five years she has successfully implemented the following activities: presented the ECRCM at the successful certification of the path (for the Slovak part), implemented the international promotion of the ECRCM – video ROUTES4U, ensured the implementation of the activities of the Partnership project, ensured the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic for the ECRCM partnership, presented for the partners and members of the route education on cultural routes with four professional webinars, implemented the creation of the website, storymap and a map application for the territory of three Slovak regions, developed a publication for children on the topic of Cyril and Methodius, created maps, a trip planner for schools and an interactive Cyril and Methodius panel, marking the Cyril and Methodius walking route.

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