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Majcichov Hillfort

The location is situated northeast of the village near a small grove (Vlčkovský hájik). It has a horseshoe to oval shape and was located on a slight elevation on the left bank of the Dudváh River. Majcichov has been written in large letters in the history of Great Moravia. At that time, there was a hillfort with an important trading and administrative function in the wider region of the Lower Povazie. The settlements located in the area of today’s Trnava also fell under its administration.

The hillfort was located at an important commercial crossroads. It is very likely that Majcichov already existed in this period under the name of Majtech as a small settlement on the local today’s upper street below the church. A watchtower probably stood on the site of the church. A whole network of service settlements was formed around the Majcichov hillfort. In this period, the Majcichov inhabitants embraced Christianity, which was also consolidated by the old Hungarians within the Hungarian state after the fortress had disappeared, as evidenced by the many Hungarian names – Farkašín (Vlčkovce), Majthény (Majcichov). It is necessary to assume that, similarly as in southern Moravia, the lowland hillfort in western Slovakia also had an important position – either as organizational and administrative, or as trade and production centres, or as refugia.

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The Great Moravian protective hillfort in Majcichov dates back to the 9th century. The remains can be found lying from the local part of Palaj to the Vlčkovský grove. And it stretches for 3 hectares. According to experts, however, it was much larger in the past.

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Municipal Authority Majcichov č. 606, 919 22 Majcichov
tel.: +421 033/5583136

Roman Catholic Church, parish of Majcichov

Majcichov č. 334, 919 22 Majcichov
tel. +421 033 / 5583 103
e-mail: rkfu.majcichov@gm­

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The municipality of Majcichov is located 14 kilometres south of Trnava. The church stands by the main road leading through the village and thanks to its tower it is unmissable. A watchtower probably stood on the site of the church. A whole network of service settlements was formed around the Majcichov Hillfort.

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