Via Cirrilo-Methodiana - Itinerario culturale del Consiglio d'Europa

Itinerario Culturale del Consiglio d'Europa

Via Cirillo-Methodiana

Scoprire un impatto profondo, lungo undici secoli,
sulla storia e sull'identità culturale degli Slavi.

European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius is dedicated to the legacy of the co-patrons of Europe, St. Cyril and Methodius. By spreading the positive European values that Saints Cyril and Methodius created in the 9th century and still create as co-patrons of Europe, the Cyril and Methodius Route contributes to modern Europeanism – understanding, culturally friendly dialogue and the unity of the continent. In these difficult times, these values are taking on an extraordinary dimension. We ask friends of the cultural routes to support the people of Ukraine as much as possible, either financially or in other ways. Thank you.


The Cultural Routes programme, launched by the Council of Europe in 1987, demonstrates in a visible way, by means of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of the different countries and cultures of Europe represent a share cultural heritage.

The cultural routes demonstrate the diversity of living cultures and the combination of local heritage with European ideas. They make it possible to discover new destinations and shed light on forgotten or hidden aspects of the common heritage.


The Cultural Routes put into practice the fundamental values of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural democracy, cultural diversity and identity, dialogue, mutual exchange and enrichments across boundaries and centuries. As of 2022, there are 48 certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

Rete del patrimonio slavo

Dalla prima scrittura slava - il glagolitico - e dalla lingua slava antica a oggi.

Rete di sedi

Luoghi interessanti legati alla diffusione dell'eredità di Cirillo e Metodio.

Rete di percorsi

Ispirato al viaggio dei missionari slavi e dei loro seguaci.

Rete di eventi

Attività culturali ed educative durante tutto l'anno.

Rete di prodotti

Prodotti turistici - coordinati sotto il logo comune della Via Cirillo-Methodiana.

Rete di istituzioni

Mantenere l'eredità dei santi Cirillo e Metodio.

Icons of Cyril and Methodius in Velehrad

What is the Cyril and Methodius Route?

Memory and inspiration by the Cyril and Methodius legacy and appreciation of the Christian traditions and culture of the countries associated with the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius, as well as their followers, create an interesting topic for cognition in Europe.

Goals of ECRCM Association

The European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius is an international network of partners that seeks to make visible and preserve the unique European heritage, the authentic story of the Cyril and Methodius mission.

Membership in ECRCM Association

The association is open to new members who are interested in supporting its objective – the creation of a sustainable partner network developing an international cultural route thematically focused on the Cyril and Methodius legacy.

Points of Interest

Discover locations connected with Cyril and Methodius Heritage.


Celebrazione Cirillo-Metodiana per i nativi slovacchi a Nová Belá, nella regione di Spiš, in Polonia.

This year we commemorate the 1160th anniversary of the arrival of St. Cyril and St. Methodius to our ancestors. On February 14th, this year is the 1154 anniversary of the death of St. Cyril. Our programme starts on Saturday, February 11th at 16.00 with the opening of the philatelic exhibition Living Cyrillo-Methodius Heritage, the author of which is the philatelist Mr. Jozef Kútny from Močenok, Slovakia. 

Gli artisti hanno preparato attività creative sul tema del glagolitico per i bambini delle scuole elementari.

The Association ECRCM is implementing a one-year (4/2022-3/2022) cross-border project “Cyril and Methodius Route – Culture and Education without Borders” supported by the Small Projects Fund of the Programme Interreg V-A Slovakia-Czech Republic aimed at making school and after-school education about the legacy of Great Moravia more attractive and intensifying cooperation with the younger generation and contemporary artists who consistently focus on the Cyril and Methodius legacy in their work.

Marking of another trail of the Cyril and Methodius Route in the Czech Republic completed: Svatý Kopeček - Olomouc (UNESCO) - Kroměříž (UNESCO) - Velehrad

The marking of the long-distance hiking trail Svatý Kopeček u Olomouce – Velehrad, which is 109 km long, has been completed. Pavel Přílepek, head of the markers of the Czech Hiking Club, informed the secretariat of the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Zlín on 11 November 2022. It is another of a set of Cyril and Methodius Route centred on Velehrad, namely the so-called Archbishop’s Route, which leads through the flat Haná River and around the Morava River and through Chřiby.

The Cyril and Methodius Route promotes cross-border cooperation in culture and education

In the second half of November, representatives of the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius, representatives of the Žilina Region and officials of the Terchová municipality, together with artists and lecturers, held an international working meeting in the Slovak municipality of Terchová and its surroundings to prepare creative activities for primary school pupils from both sides of the Czech-Slovak border.

14|15 BATA INSTITUTE hosts an exhibition dedicated to the Cyril and Methodius Route

In front of Building 14, the panel exhibition Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe presents the legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius and their followers in an engaging way through texts and photographs. It also introduces passers-by to the trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route directly in the Zlín Region.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding opened up the possibility of cooperation for the Cyril and Methodius Route in Aquileia, Italy.

Representatives of the Zlín Region and the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius on the one hand and representatives of the Italian pilgrimage site of Aquileia on the other hand signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Saturday 5th November 2022 in the village of Modrá.

The Cyril and Methodius Route won the BIG SEE Award Grand Prix for Design in Tourism in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The international jury of the BIG SEE Awards awarded the Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe the Grand Prix in the category Creative Story as Experience and the Design in Tourism Award in the category Creative Story and Identity as Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Get to know the stories of memorable places in Moravia and Slovakia, solve quiz questions and the secret written in Glagolitic. Get to know the legacy of Great Moravia, the legacy of our ancestors.