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Hradec nad Moravicí

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Castle Hradec nad Moravicí

A building that even today offers an attractive spectacle to every visitor. The tour through the sumptuously furnished salons recalls, among others, the stays of Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt.

The State Castle Hradec nad Moravicí became a national cultural monument in 2002. It is a popular tourist destination and a cultural and social centre of the Opava region. The White Castle offers visitors two sightseeing tours, a separate historical exhibition and a picture gallery. The main tour also leads through the restored northern wing of the White Castle with the reconstructed seven rooms of the prince’s apartment. The complex also includes the neo-Gothic Red Castle and the White Tower. A hiking trail, the so-called Lichnovský Hunting Trail, leads through the castle park and the beautiful surrounding beech forests of a primeval character.

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Castle Hradec nad moravicí

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Originally a royal Gothic castle, it was built under Přemysl Otakar II. In 1279-81, Queen Kunhuta had her court here, and she secretly married Záviš of Falkenštejn. Afterwards, Hradec was the seat of the left-sided Přemyslids and the administrative centre of the Principality of Opava.

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Castle Hradec nad Moravicí

Městečko 1, 74741 Hradec nad Moravicí
tel. +420 553 783 444

Information Centre Hradec nad Moravicí

Podolská 308, 74741 Hradec nad Moravicí
tel. +420 595 173 043

How to get to the castle?

Train: Hradec nad Moravicí is located on the railway line No.315 Opava-Hradec nad Moravicí. The railway station is located about 1.5 km from the castle and can be reached by following the blue mark. Bus: There are buses from around Hradec nad Moravicí and from other bus stations around the town (Hradec nad Moravicí, school). You can reach the castle by following the blue trail. By car: You can drive to the castle, along Zámecká Street. There is a paid parking lot in front of the castle.