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Petr Hirsch

The Ultreia Association

Petr Hirsch made his first pilgrimage in 2010-2012, when he walked over 16,000 km in 2.5 years and travelled from his birthplace in Dvůr Králové nad Labem to Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. In 2014-2015, he devoted himself to the project of walking around the world, which he ended after 7.5 thousand km and began to organize and promote walking pilgrimages in the Czech Republic. Since 2013, he has given more than 280 talks on the topic of pilgrimage. In 2017 he accompanied his friend, wheelchair user and multiple sclerosis patient Honza Dušek on a 640 km long pilgrimage to Santiago. The Camino on Wheels documentary was made from the trip. Since 2015, he has organised over 60 pilgrimages along Czech pilgrimage routes and guided over 500 pilgrims.
He has been actively cooperating with the Cyril and Methodius Route since 2016. Gradually, alone and then with groups of pilgrims, he has walked all the pilgrimage trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route with the final destination at Velehrad. In 2019 and 2020, he organized and sponsored the production of Walking Without Borders, a 50-minute semi-fiction documentary that presents the modern story of pilgrimage and seeks to show what can motivate today’s young generation to follow one of trails of the Cyril and Methodius Route. In 2021, he organised a walking pilgrimage of over 500 km and 19 days in honour of St. Ludmila on the route from Velehrad to Tetin. Petr is also an active member of the Ultreia St. James Pilgrims Association and enjoys supporting charity events. His latest venture was a trip again with his friend in a wheelchair, to Chernobyl. From this trip he also produced the documentary Chernobyl on Wheels, which has just been released in cinemas.

Pilgrimage in 21st century along St. James and Cyrillo-Methodian trails


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