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Staré Zámky Hillfort Brno-Líšeň

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Staré Zámky Hillfort

The prehistoric hillfort was inhabited in the Younger Stone Age, the Older Iron Age and the Celtic Age. It was later restored during the Great Moravian Empire (830-906), when a fortified settlement stood here, which became the administrative centre of the Brno area.

Historical hillfort situated in the southern part of the Moravian Karst in the cadastre of the present-day Brno-Líšeň district, about 1.5 km northeast of the centre of the village. The site, protected as an archaeological monument reserve, is located on a rock promontory surrounded by the Říčka stream. Settlement of the site dates from the end of the Neolithic to the beginning of the 11th century. In its heyday – during the Great Moravian period – the hillfort became one of the important centres of the state due to its strategic location on the link between the central region of the empire and the ironworks in the Moravian Karst, and can therefore be considered a direct predecessor of the city of Brno.

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Prehistoric Brno, 9th part

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Prehistoric Brno, 8th part

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History of the hillfort

The history of this place began more than 800 years ago, when the first 12 Cistercian monks came to the valley of the Salaška River to build their monastery near the village of Veligrad (today's Old Town).

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Na Velehradě jsou dvě informační centra, kde mohou turisté a návštěvníci získat informace o prohlídkách, akcích, výstavách a dalších aktivitách, které v obci dějí.

TO JE Brno Information Centre

Panenská 712/1, 60200 Brno-město, Česko
tel. +420 602 404 246

Information centre under the crocodile

Radnická 368/8, 60200 Brno-město, Česko
tel: +420 542 427 150

How to get to hilffort?

The Old Slavic settlement of Staré Zámky is located above the picturesque valley of the river Říčka. The best way to reach the fortress is from the bus stop Líšeň – cemetery, from where you can follow the yellow trail. Behind the cemetery wall is a forested field. If you walk a little further, you will enter a rocky path lined with bushes, which ends on a forest path by the signpost Staré Zámky. There is an inconspicuous right turn leading past the forest to a place called Staré Zámky.

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