European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius (ECRCM)

We are looking for what unites us. We consider the Cyril and Methodius legacy, which co-creates the European cultural environment, to be alive and current. With the help of a partner network, we carry out projects that help to preserve and develop it even in the current conditions, as a product of international cultural tourism. The cultural path in the footsteps of the story of Constantine and Methodius leads through experience to knowledge and awareness. We connect partners from places where the mission passed (based on the journeys of Slavic heralds and their followers), where the Cyril and Methodius tradition and education continued to spread after the end of Great Moravia or which are the focus of the current Cyril and Methodius respect.

Kostel svatého Michala Archanděla, Nitra-Dražovce
Hlaholice, Mikulčice

Since 2013, the development of the Cultural Route has been managed by the Interest Association of Legal Entities European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius with the Permanent Secretariat based in Zlín, Czech Republic. At present, the Association has 19 members and 3 observers from 7 countries (CZ, SK, GR, SI, HU, BG, SRB) and is looking for other members and partners, especially in the Danube and the Adriatic-Ionian region. The rights and obligations of members are set out in the statutes. The Route develops as a set of linear trails as well as an atomized network of points of interest. The Association is responsible for its management and marketing, supports cultural heritage research and thematic events. The Cyril and Methodius Route is a umbrella brand for various ECRCM activities, for example creating a transnational tourism offer such as the marked Cyril and Methodius trails.

International dimension

The legacy of Constantine-Cyril and Methodius is represented in all European macro-regions. However, the greatest potential for the development of the Route is in the Danube macro-region and in the Balkans, where the topic of the legacy of Thessaloniki scholars, both in terms of tangible and intangible heritage, is still alive.

The Cyril and Methodius Route was selected by the EUSDR PA3 Steering Group as a new cultural route project with great potential in the Danube region.

Numerous places of interest and localities show the rich and diverse nature of the legacy of Constantine-Cyril and Methodius in all its manifestations - monuments of the sacred cult of the Holy Brothers, secular expressions of respect for them, reflections on their work in the modern world.

Our main focus



The ECRCM network is run by an Interest Association of Legal Entities established under Czech law. Following we present the organs and "who is who" in ECRCM.



Sdružení EKSCM financuje svou činnost z členských příspěvků a projektových dotací. Máte-li zájem podpořit EKSCM a její cíle, staňte se naším členem.


Informujte se jak se vyvíjela myšlenka vzniku první kulturní stezky Evropy zaměřené na slovanské kulturní dědictví díky zapojeným členům a partnerům


A list of places marked with the sticker "InfoPoint Cyril and Methodius Route", where printed materials (maps, passports, etc.) and other information about the CM Route are available.



Informování veřejnosti o činnosti a aktivách Cyrilometodějské stezky realizujeme různými způsoby. Klikněte níže a přečtěte si novinky o stezce.​