Event calendar

Holding events depend on the current pandemic situation. Therefore, please contact the event organizers who have accurate information.


All events due to the pandemic situation
canceled or rescheduled


All events due to the pandemic situation
canceled or rescheduled


A living monument

Ten years ago, the Memorial of Great Moravia in the Staré Město had been made a reconstruction, which gave it the hallmark of a modern multimedia exhibition. The history of Great Moravia in the form of several dioramas has since been accompanied by the figure of the noble Mojslav, whose life destinies also reflect the "great" history of the Great Moravian Empire. But do you know what happens when the characters from the dioramas come to life for one evening? If you are interested, come and see the memorial! Pictures from the times of Great Moravia will be accompanied by a commentary and you yourself will become part of several Great Moravian stories.

With a bear for a garlic

Sharing experience with the collection and processing of bear garlic. Tasting and sale of products from this herb. Outdoor events.

Welcoming spring with the burning of Morana

Welcoming spring with the burning of Morana, including the afternoon children's zone. The traditional ancient ritual of the Burning of Morana, directed by the Modřany scouts, is enriched by a performance by the local children's ensemble Stodolánek. Part of the diverse band of costumed boys and girls is, for example, the traditional bringing of Morana - a disguised straw mannequin in a woman's dress mounted on a pole, lit over a fire and thrown into the Baboňák pond in front of the fortress.



Easter creation - production of Easter decorations and a demonstration of decorating Easter eggs. Program for family well-being on White Saturday. Enjoy the holidays also at the hillfort, you are most welcome.

Panel exhibition „Staré Město – Špitálky“

The exhibition will present the results of archaeological research at the Old Town site "Špitálky". The first research took place here in the early 1950s, the last in 2020. The "Špitálky" site is located on the so-called Velehrad´s watchtower and forms the entire south-western part of the Staré Město. However, a substantial part of the housing estate, as well as the church and the surrounding burial ground, were destroyed during the construction of a nearby railway line in the 1940s.


At the beginning of April, the center of the village of Mikulčice is traditionally transformed into one large anthill, composed of participants in the popular "Road Run Great Moravia".


Sv. Ján Pavol II. povýšil sv. Cyrila a Metoda – 31. decembra 1980, za spolupatrónov Európy a práve im je zasvätený najväčší chrám s týmto patrocíniom na Slovensku, ktorý bol 9. októbra 2019 povýšený na Diecéznu svätyňu. Od roku 2005, kedy sv. Ján Pavol II. zomrel, sa koná pravidelne na Nedeľu Božieho Milosrdenstva koncert Poďakovanie za lásku.

Opened hut day on the Záhorie Wine Road

A hill of open huts connected by a shuttle service, a varied selection of wines, homemade specialties, laughter, joy and friendly meetings. The surroundings of Skalice come to life every spring thanks to those who like the drink of kings. Visit the local winemakers as well, enjoy the view of the autumn colors of the trees and the vineyard with a glass of wine in hand. Small and large winemakers and wineries prepare not only their wine for visitors, but also refreshments and show the unmistakable spaces of sheds and cellars within a radius of almost 12 kilometers.

Earth Day

Celebration of an international holiday with a varied program for children and adults in cooperation with the Brontosaurus Society - Ecology.

Аuto exhibition We Are Bulgaria

Competition for cars with personalized appearance in Bulgarian stylistics. The exhibition is for the most well - branded vehicle with elements of Bulgarian symbols, flags, motifs, paintings of historical themes and quotations. There will be awards for participants - first place 5,000 BGN, second place 2000 BGN and for third place 1000 BGN. The event is held for the second year, the audience chooses their favorites.

St. George's pilgrimage to the rotunda of St. George in Nitrianska Blatnice

Saint Mass will be held at the Rotunda of St. Juraj and will be celebrated by the Bishop of Nitra, Mons. Viliam Judák. Its course will be broadcast live on RTVS on STV 2. The cultural program after St. Mass will be presented by local and regional folklore interest groups and individuals, as well as professional cultural ensembles. A traditional pilgrimage fair with accompanying events will take place on the Desert under the rotunda meadow from early in the morning.


Competition for historical painting on the topic "Bulgarian alphabet"

Artists from Bulgaria and abroad will take part with paintings by the topic. The time period for which relates the theme is from the creation of the Bulgarian alphabet until the end of the XVth century. Plots from the creation and dissemination of the Bulgarian alphabet around the world will be presented. There will be a prize fund for the participants. All artists will have the wonderful opportunity to present their works as well as visitors to enjoy the created beauty. The rating will be from visitors to site, visitors on site in the Historical park and a team of professionals.

Exhibition "Icons of St. Cyril and Methodius from Bulgaria"

Exhibition in the church St. Cyril and Methodius in Thessaloniki, Greece with lectures by prof. S. Barlieva and assoc. prof. A. Delikari, and concert of the Boys Choir at the church.

Fraštá's journey for wine

Experience the tasting of quality Slovak wines in Hlohovec. Almost 40 exhibitors, a shuttle service to a number of participants with a tasting glass and a bag hung around their necks are traditionally moved around the Hlohovec wine cellars, pubs and restaurants in order to find their favorite.


Night tours, lighting the tower and the surrounding area.

Putování pro veřejnost po Romea Strata

Zveme na putování pro veřejnost od 16. 5. do 21. 5. mezi Velehradem a Mikulovem. První den, 16. 5. se začíná v 8:30 mší svatou na Velehradě a končí pobožností na Klimentku v 17 h. Na Moravě poutník kráčí nejprve po Cyrilometodějské stezce (úsek Velehrad – Křtiny) a následují další etapy po Svatojakubské cestě (Křtiny – Brno – Židlochovice – Mikulov). Moravské poutní cesty se staly součástí mezinárodní evropské stezky Romea Strata od Baltského moře do Říma.

Open cellars on St. Urbana Day

Open Cellars from Devin through Rača, Vajnory, Svaty Jur, Pezinok, Modra, Šenkvice to Dolné Orešany. The Great Wines of the Little Carpathians from the year 2019, excellent culinary delicacies, music, exhibitions of artists will pleasantly surprise you in the cellars. 2 days of great wines and pleasant experiences await you in the flourishing Lesser Carpathians region.

Opened hut day on the Záhorie Wine Road

A hill of open huts connected by a shuttle service, a varied selection of wines, homemade specialties, laughter, joy and friendly meetings. The surroundings of Skalice come to life every spring thanks to those who like the drink of kings. Visit the local winemakers as well, enjoy the view of the autumn colors of the trees and the vineyard with a glass of wine in hand. Small and large winemakers and wineries prepare not only their wine for visitors, but also refreshments and show the unmistakable spaces of sheds and cellars within a radius of almost 12 kilometers.

Orthodox Cyril and Methodius pilgrimage and Bulgarian Cultural Day.

Traditional Orthodox pilgrimage with liturgical mass in the premises of III. Church of the Great Moravian Basilica. Afternoon meeting of the Bulgarian community and presentation of their national cultural values.

Exhibition "The Route of Cyril and Methodius"

Exhibition in the Bulgarian Academy of Science, travelling exhibition in Burgas, Montana, Varna, Samokov and in parallel in the Bulgarian cultural institutes abroad.

Rotenstein Knight Festival

More than 250 performers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland will meet to fulfill all the ideas and dreams of the Middle Ages to the point. Landsknechts, hoplites, knights, archers, puppeteers… Contemporary program, whether it is an archery tournament, a military buhurt or an amazing horse show.



As part of the St. Ludmila's Year, we cordially invite you to the first stage of the wandering along the Cyril and Methodius Route on the trail from Velehrad to Tišnov. The wandering takes place on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the death of Saint Ludmila. Let's go together with the patrons of Europe, Saints Cyril and Methodius, to the patron Saint of Bohemia, where in three stages we will walk a trail of over 400 km, ending at the National Saint Ludmila's Pilgrimage in Tetín on September 18, 2021. 

Night with Methodius

The town of Uherské Hradiště, the Slovácko Museum in Uherské Hradiště and the Uherské Hradiště Culture Club would like to invite you to the seventh Night with Methodius. Although we cannot travel in time, we can recall the time in which Saints Cyril and Methodius lived from time to time. The atmosphere of the time of Great Moravia is evoked by a stylishly prepared program, which will be enjoyed together by small and large visitors. A historic afternoon for families is traditionally planned from 4.30 pm. You can come and try out how you would succeed in contemporary disciplines and tasks. A tasting of historic cuisine will also be prepared for hungry necks. the afternoon program will be followed by a short lecture and an evening concert. We recommend suitable clothing for nature and the need for sitting.

Medieval festival - anniversary of the opening of the "Historical Park"

The event will be for three days and the visitors will be able to see a lot of medieval battles, evening concerts with Bulgarian music and contractors, the market in with medieval goods from all over world, lots of games and fun for participants and spectators. This will be the greatest medieval festival of The Balkan Peninsula, which will be and the world's first major event after coronavirus pandemic.


After the ceremony at the bronze sculpture of St. Cyril and Methodius is followed by Holy Mass on the foundations of the Basilica of St. Hadrian from 850 AD The main celebrants are the bishops Mons. László Bíró and Mons. František Rábek.

Lestival - fantasy festival

The most beautiful fantasy festival in Slovakia - you will see what you have not seen before. Lestival is a beauty of the most beautiful empire. Into the realm of fantasy, where cotton candy is made from clouds, dragons have a musical taste, Laktibrada drinks cappuccino and Valibuk rolls his hips with a smile. I mean, beeches. Connect for two days with the world of beings from Dobšinský fairy tales and Slavic mythology. Just close your eyes a little. The program begins until late at night as soon as the morning dew falls. During the weekend, we will transform the historical park in Dolná Krupa into a place of inspiring nooks, workshops, discussions and art installations.


An example of the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which was associated with the town of Hlohovec. Various themed scenes will show how our ancestors lived, fought and feasted. The festival will be dominated by knights on horses, in addition, dancers, jugglers and craftsmen will perform in the rhythms of medieval music.


In June, children from different parts of the world traditionally come to Kunovice and other Moravian towns for the popular folklore festival Kunovské léto. A rich program is prepared for all visitors - the 27th show of traditional regional or national dances of individual countries, concerts, competitions. The host cities of the festival are mainly Kunovice, but also Uherské Hradiště, Staré Město, Polešovice, Bílovice and Luhačovice, where some partial programs will take place.

Night of sun and fire

The Civic Association "Velkomoravané" prepares the Solstice celebrations a little differently. Special tours of the lively fortified settlement. Craft demonstrations of fiery crafts. Activities for children and adults. Lecture on the solstice.

XI. Moravian Compostela 2021

Traditional walking pilgrimage Holy Kopeček - Pavlovice - Holy Hostýn - Štípa - Napajedla - Velehrad, 110 km. 1st stage Sunday 30 June: Svatý Kopeček - Pavlovice, 30 km 2nd stage Monday 1 July: Pavlovice - Sv. Hostýn, 20 km 3rd stage Tuesday 2. 7: Sv. Hostýn - Zlín, 20 km 4th stage Wednesday 3 July: Zlín - Napajedla, 22 km 5th stage Thursday 4 July: Napajedla - Velehrad, 20 km.


NITRA, LOVELY NITRA… Pribina and Cyril and Methodius festivities

All-Slovak celebrations of the arrival of the Byzantine mission of St. Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia, the Nitra Days dedicated to the Cyril-Methodist and Great Moravian tradition and important figures in the history and present of Nitra. The program includes Holy Mass as part of the Cyril and Methodius national pilgrimage and cultural events - exhibitions, concerts of classical and popular music, conferences, workshops, historical processions and games, creative workshops, literary competitions, fairs of traditional folk crafts and artistic products with Slovak gastronomic products. specialties.


The historical festival of early-medieval life is an event of an entertaining but also educational nature. As part of the program, the area of the castle will be transformed into a timely-medieval town and a camp approaching the original life of craftsmen and warriors from the times of Great Moravia.

NITRA, LOVELY NITRA…Cyril and Methodius national pilgrimage

The pilgrimage is a traditional event within the program of national celebrations on the occasion of the national holiday of St. Cyril and Methodius. Its culmination is the pontifical St. Mass with the participation of Slovak bishops, the highest representatives of the state and pilgrims from all over Slovakia and abroad.

Cyril and Methodius Days

Come with us to celebrate the Feast of Slavic Apostles with the Association for History and Swordplay - Tizon. Traditional living history event enriched with activities that visitors can try on their own skin (fights, historical board games, ceramics production, Glagolitic peeling, etc.)

Adults - 120 CZK
Children, pensioners, students not alder than 26 years old - 80 CZK
Family admission - 300 CZK

Cyril and Methodius Days in Terchová

Duchovno – kultúrno – spoločenské podujatie na počesť slovanských vierozvestov svätých Cyrila a Metoda – spolupatrónov Európy – 32. ročník. Kostol v Terchovej je najväčším chrámom na území Slovenska, zasväteným solúnskym bratom. Dňa 9. októbra 2019 bol povýšený na Diecéznu svätyňu – pútnické miesto ku cti sv. Cyrila a Metoda. Cyrilometodské dni v Terchovej ponúkajú v rámci svojho programu bohatý univerzálny obsah. Okrem sakrálneho rozmeru, so slávnostnou Cyrilometodskou svätou omšou na pútnickom vrchu Oravcove, môžu početní pútnici a návštevníci z domova i zo zahraničia zhliadnuť množstvo umeleckých výstav, koncerty, divadelné predstavenia, vedecké sympózia, uvedenia knižných publikácií, prírodnú galériu v exteriéri obce a ďalšie sprievodné akcie a programy.


11.00 Ceremonial cutting of the ribbon at the Gorazd obelisk in the cadastral area of Zlechov, blessing, speeches, followed by a transfer
               along the bike trail on foot or by bike
12.00 Arrival at the Meeting Table, placement of seven crosses with the names of Saint Cyril, Saint Methodius, Saint Gorazd, Saint Clement, Saint Naum, Saint Sava and Saint Angelar
13.00 Lunch and other refreshments at the parish in Boršice, friendly meeting of guests and citizens from the municipalities involved
                into a joint cross-border European project.

The event will include a tasting of wines from Boršice and Zlechov in the parish cellar


Velehrad celebrations are held annually on the occasion of the national holiday of the Day of the Slavic Prophets of St. Cyril and Methodius and offer a rich program for the whole family.

GOOD WILL PEOPLE - An Evening of People of Good Will

A gala evening on the occasion of the national holiday of the Czech Republic connected with the presentation of educational and charitable projects. A benefit concert of People of Good Will will take place in the courtyard in front of the basilica.

DAYS OF PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL - Velehrad National Pilgrimage

The culmination of the Cyril and Methodius celebrations of the Days of People of Good Will with the participation of the highest church and state officials and several thousand pilgrims not only from the Czech Republic.

Early medieval pastimes

An example of the life of the Slavs in an early medieval camp. Demonstrations of historical weapons, battles and tastings of tempting early medieval cuisine.

CYRIL and METHODius Pilgrimage ON THE Podluží

An example of the life of the Slavs in an early medieval camp. Demonstrations of historical weapons, battles and tastings of tempting early medieval cuisine.

IX. Walking pilgrimage from Holy Antonínek to Velehrad

A traditional walking pilgrimage from Holy Antonínek through Ostrožská Nová Ves, Staré Město to Velehrad. The total length of the trail is 30 km. Near Velehrad, the pilgrimage connects to the pilgrimage of Moravian Compostela, which leads from Holy Kopeček to Velehrad. Together they will take a joint step to the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Cyril and Methodius, where both of these pilgrimages end.

Feast festivities

Parish football tournament, toast by the campfire, Scätá omsa in the Chapel of the Divine Heart, Slovak Cup in the run up the hill, Consecration of the boards of the Ten Commandments, festive cultural program.

Cyril and Methodius feast festivities

Beer cycling mini-marathon, feast disco, raffle, football tournament, entertainment.


A traditional pilgrimage in honor of the feast of the Slavic missionaries Cyril and Methodius to the top of Radhošť to the chapel of St. Cyril and Methodius will offer besides a number of attractions and stands also Catholic worship. Services at 9:30, 11:00 and 14:00.

Cyril and Methodius festivities in Bojná

The festivities are an entertaining and educational event for all categories, in which visitors have the opportunity to visit the reconstruction of Slavic dwellings, the Great Moravian camp, see examples of falconry, period crafts, period cuisine, early-medieval life and staged battles and battle tournaments on the fort, writing in Glagolitic, or the work of archaeologists on the site with the oldest Christian monuments. The program at the site with the oldest Christian monuments includes a solemn Holy Mass and period attractions of warriors prepared for children.

Winemakers on the hillfort

Winemakers from the Podluží region will offer their wines and wine specialties at the largest Slavic fortified settlement in Great Moravia. Great atmosphere accompanied by live music. Competitive, entertaining and game program for parents with children.

Festive Orthodox liturgy

Festive Orthodox liturgy (mass) in the natural area on the Height of St. Methodius, archeological site in Uherské Hradiště-Sady. The liturgy will be served directly in the foundations of the discovered Great Moravian Church, in the places where Constantine-Cyril and Archbishop Methodius served their Mass 1156 years ago. The liturgy will be served by the Zlín circular protopresbyter jer. Mgr. Petr Kliment Koutny. The participation of the general public is welcome. Height of St. Metoděje (Sadská výšina), Uherské Hradiště-Sady, Sunday 25 July at 10.00 am.

Gorazdov Mochenok National Festival of Christian Theater

XXIX. national festival of christian theater. The program includes a show of theater performances, workshops, creative workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and finally the festive St. mass.


Traditional St. Mass at the Church of St. George from the 9th century, which is one of the oldest in Slovakia with the possibility of visiting the interior of the church.


Veligrad - Fight for the hillfort

16th year of the historical festival associated with the early medieval battle from the period of Great Moravia. During Saturday and Sunday, visitors can return to the time of Great Moravia, experience traditional crafts and life on their own skins. During both days, a rich accompanying program is prepared with demonstrations of crafts, archery tournament, lots of competitions for children and adults and many other activities. The culmination of Saturday's and Sunday's program will be the reconstruction of the battle.

XXI. star walking pilgrimage to Velehrad 2021

Traditional star pilgrimage to Velehrad. So far, we start from 12 places (Nové Veselí, Vítochov, R. Svratka, Nedvědice, Valeč, Olomouc, Trenčín, Ratíškovice, Skalica, Brankovice, Nedachlebice, Uherský Brod). Services at 9:30, 11:00 and 14:00. The pilgrimage culminates in the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Cyril and Methodius in Velehrad on Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 10.30.

Honey and mead day

Honey and Mead Day is a traditional event in the Archaeological Museum in Modrá as old as the Archaeological Museum itself. This year's popular event will take place on Saturday, September 24. The program includes, among other things, a very attractive cost of mead and honey tasting. The event traditionally starts at 1 pm with a fair of honey products and bee products. There will be a theatrical performance for children, as well as a honeycomb and honey tasting. There is also a popular butter beating competition, practical demonstrations of the use of honey in the kitchen will be available for tasting in the adjacent hotel.


The opening event of the wine and mead season, unique of its kind in Slovakia, which, through fictional scenes from the life of winemakers, will bring closer the ancient but glorious history of viticulture and viticulture in the Trnava region.


A diverse range of unusual scents, flavors and accompanying activities that will delight both young and old. Archery, a tour of the chateau with an ascent to the chateau tower or dragon fairy tales, all this is a medieval weekend in Smolenice accompanied by the chateau fair.


Stredovek pod hradbami

Jedinečný sprievodný program Tradičného trnavského jarmoku ožíva každoročne pod hradbami mesta. Život v stredoveku tak na pár dní nadobúda reálne kontúry, ktoré môžete ochutnať, ohmatať a sami vyskúšať.

Princess Ludmila and the first Přemyslovci between Moravia and Bavaria

Před jedenácti stoletími, 15. září 921, byla na Tetíně zavražděna zakladatelka přemyslovské dynastie, manželka Bořivoje I., kněžna Ludmila. Kulaté výročí je příležitostí připomenout jak osobnost první české světice, tak i dobu prvotního vzestupu přemyslovského rodu v pohnutých časech pádu Velké Moravy. V době, kdy se pod nápory staromaďarských nájezdníků hroutila politická mapa střední Evropy, se Přemyslovci postupně stali nejvýznamnějším rodem určujícím osudy země.  Výstava přiblíží nejen tetínské hradiště jakožto místo spjaté s posledními okamžiky Ludmilina života, ale i další místa spojená s událostmi v Čechách za vlády jejích synů, Spytihněva I. (895–915) a Vratislava I. (915–921). Památník Velké Moravy, Jezuitská 1885, Staré Město, od středa 15. září do leden 2022.

XII. svatováclavská pěší pouť Velehrad – Svatý Hostýn

Tradiční pěší pouť z Velehradu na Svatý Hostýn. Etapy: 1. den Velehrad – Napajedla: 18,8 km – 4 hodiny 40 minut. 2. den Napajedla – Štípa: 23,7 km – 7 hodin 40 minut. 3. den Štípa – Sv. Hostýn: 18,5 km – 5 hodin 10 minut.


Pod křídly dravců

Edukativní programy v přírodovědném duchu pro ZŠ a ukázky letu a lovu dravých ptáků se skupinou ZAYFERUS.

Tkaní tkanic - kurz karetkování

Kurz výroby tkanic na karetkách. Seznámení se s tkanou dekorací a oděvních doplňků raného středověku.

Scientific conference "The Route of Cyril and Methodius"

International scientific conference



Mladý festival otvorených vinárstiev, gastronómie a kultúry. Príležitosť pochutnať si s priateľmi, či rodinou, nielen na výbornom víne, ale aj na tradičných gastronomických špecialitách. Oči aj dušu návštevníkov poteší tvorba miestnych umelcov.

Den otevřených dveří - zakončení sezóny

Otevřené dveře do expozic s volným vstupem.


Malokarpatskí vinári pozývajú do svojich pivníc na zhodnotenie ich práce a podelia sa o jej výsledok. Vína budú ponúkané mladé, ako aj z minulých ročníkov a niektorí vinári otvoria aj osobné archívy. Deň otvorených pivníc nie je len o víne, je o krásnej vinicami posiatej krajine, o regionálnej gastronómii a sprievodnom programe.


Stredoveké adventné trhy

Nárazy kladiva, raziča mincí, topiaci sa včelí vosk na výrobu sviečok, vôňa medu a čečiny vznášajúca sa ovzduším – to sú Stredoveké Adventné trhy na najstaršom trhovisku v Trnave. Súčasťou je živý adventný kalendár, v ktorom sa každý deň odohrá niekoľko divadelných predstavení.