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Veľký vrch Hilffort, Divinka

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Veľký vrch Hilffort, Divinka

On the hill called Veľký vrch, which rises above the village of Divinka in the Žilina district, you can find the remains of an ancient hillfort representing one of the largest and most important monuments of its kind not only in Slovakia, but in the whole of Central Europe. It was an important military, economic and cultural centre during three periods: the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, when it was inhabited by the so-called Lusatian culture, the Late Latin and Roman periods, when it was inhabited by the so-called Punic culture, and finally the Great Moravian period, when the Slavs ruled here.

In the locality are still visible massive earthworks surrounding the upper plateau of the hill and a wide area on its northern side. The ramparts reach a height of up to 6 m in some places. There are beautiful views of the village of Divinka, the Javorníky Mountains and the Hričov Dam from the top of Veľký vrch, as well as from its southeastern “fore-top” called Malý vrch (Little Hill).

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Great Moravian Gate

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They discovered a piece of history in Divinka

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History of the hillfort

When building the fortifications, the Slavs used the remains of the Bronze Age ramparts. The castle was inhabited by peasants, cattle breeders and skilled blacksmiths. Exclusive artefacts from the Great Moravian period have been discovered proving the presence of the local elite and military retinue on the hillfort.

Where to get tourist information?


Na Velehradě jsou dvě informační centra, kde mohou turisté a návštěvníci získat informace o prohlídkách, akcích, výstavách a dalších aktivitách, které v obci dějí.

Municipality Divinka

Divinka 142, 013 31 Divina, Slovakia
tel. +421 41 562 1486

Tourist Information Office of Žilina

Námestie A. Hlinku 9, 010 01, Žilina, Slovakia
tel. +421 (0)907 845 567

How to get to the hillfort?

The village of Divinka is located about 6 km west of Žilina. Nearby is the water reservoir Hričov, built on the river Váh. In addition to cars, there is also a possibility to use cycling trails. A forest road leads to the site from the village. The Hradiská civic association has installed several information boards about the site and created a nature trail that leads from the village directly to the acropolis of the hillfort. The first board is located in the centre of the village. The castle on Veľký vrch is accessible by a nature trail, the starting point of which is the village of Divinka. The information panels on the trail introduce visitors to the various cultures that inhabited the site and the archaeological finds they left behind. There are simple seating areas for tourists next to the information panels.

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