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Devín Castle

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Devín Castle

This site is one of the key sites on the way to explore the Great Moravian period. There was a fortified Slavic fortress with a three-nave basilica here in the 9th century, so the castle was an important ecclesiastical and administrative centre. A replica of the remains of the Great Moravian basilica can be seen today on the upper eastern terrace of the site.

You will be drawn into history not only by the ruins of the medieval castle, but especially by the remains of the Great Moravian church from the second half of the 9th century, which places its foundation in the reign of Prince Rastislav. The sacral building existed here for about 60 years and was apparently destroyed during the outbreaks of Hungarian fighters. After visiting the castle, which offers a magnificent view of the wide surroundings, you can visit the picturesque village of Devín and visit the originally Romanesque Church of St. Cross from the 13th century, which has undergone several architectural modifications and represents an interesting combination of Gothic and Baroque styles. A large burial ground from the times of Great Moravia has been uncovered in its surroundings. The discovery of a tombstone with rich symbolism has led to speculation that Saint Methodius may have been buried here.

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Devín Castle

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The Great Moravian Church on Devín

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Devín Castle is one of the oldest historically documented castle buildings in Slovakia, together with Bratislava and Nitra castles. Its history dates back to prehistoric times. The quantity and quality of archaeological findings prove that the Devín Castle Rock was inhabited during five strongest periods: the Hallstatt, Celtic (Latin), Roman and Great Moravian periods. From a strategic point of view, the castle itself was the natural protection of the Devín Gate, the geographical entrance to the Carpathian Basin. The broad course of the Danube here determined the direction of an important continental trade route between west and east.

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The hillfort is in the administration of the Balneological Museum in Piešt’any.

Museum of the City of Bratislava

Radničná ul. č. 1, 815 18 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel. +421 2 657 301 05

Local Authority Bratislava - Devín

Kremeľská 878/39, 84110 Bratislava - Devín, Slovakia
tel. +421 02 / 60 20 25 11

How to get to the castle?

If you travel by car, take advantage of the extensive parking under the castle, which is free of charge. Put Muránská Street in your navigation. Bratislava is easily accessible by bus or train, and you can use public transport to get to Devín. You don’t need a car at all. There’s the bus 129 and the night bus N29, so you can’t get lost. The 129 timetable is here. N29 can be found here. The stop has the same name: Devín Castle.