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Ohrid, Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon

Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon, Plaoshnik, Ohrid

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Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon

Plaosnik is situated on a flat plateau in the southern foothills of the higher (western) hill of Ohrid, between the Samoil Fortress and St. Jovan Kaneo Church, near the Ohrid Lake. It’s an impressive archaeological complex that has cultural layers dating back to prehistory, antiquity, and the Middle Ages. The Antiquities Service in Ohrid conducted the initial archaeological interventions at Plaoshnik between October 1942 and May 1943 (with interruptions), in the area within the remains of Sultan Mehmed Mosque.

 Archaeologists have discovered the remains of St. Clement’s church and the grave of St. Clement of Ohrid. The St. Clement’s monastery in Plaoshnik is a physical representation of the life and work of St. Clement. The Monastery of Plaoshnik was not only the most beloved home of the saint but also his eternal resting place. This was also the site where educational and literary activities took place, leading to the establishment of a center for the enlightenment of the Slavic world.
There are several buildings in Plaoshnik such as the Museum of Plaoshnik, the St. Clement’s Library, the Icon Gallery, the Institute of Humanities, hostels, and the Faculty of Theology are currently being constructed.

What can you visit here?

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Ohrid's historical treasures

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„Plaoshnik“ & Samoil's Fortress

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History of the church

Saint Clement used his newly created church as a liturgical building and a place for teaching his disciples in Old Church Slavonic and Glagolitic alphabet. Clement was buried inside the church after his death in 916; his tomb still exists today.

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Macedonian Orthodox Church - Debar-Kicevo Eparchy

Dimce Malenko b.b., Ohrid N. Macedonia
tel. +389 046/266-805

Institute for protection of monuments of culture and museum

“Boro Shain Street” No. 10 6000 Ohrid, North Macedonia
tel. +389 (0) 4626 2498

Transport - how to get to the Church?

You can get here on foot or by car. Be aware that getting to Plaosnik includes a little bit walking up a hill. You don’t need booking/ reservations/ buying tickets in advance to visit the Church and the archeological findings surrounding the Church. You buy the ticket at the entrance. 40 minutes (inside the Church + walk through all the archeological findings near the Church). Area is opened for tourists, not accessible by buses. Group tourist should walk 500m. from Upper Gate.

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