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Church of the Holy Cross in Devín

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Church of the Holy Cross

The parish church of the Holy Cross from the 13th century, which has undergone several architectural reconstructions and represents an interesting combination of Gothic and Baroque styles. A large burial ground from the times of Great Moravia has been uncovered in its surroundings. The discovery of a tombstone with rich symbolism has led to speculation that it is here that Saint Methodius is buried. 

The church is an architectural and archaeological jewel. It is assumed that the building was a one-nave flat-roofed architecture from the second half of the 13th century. The crypt under the south aisle is considered to be the oldest part of the church. Remains of Romanesque, Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Classical architecture can be found in the church. Despite all the reconstructions, its Gothic character has been preserved. The most extensive construction works on the Church of the Holy Cross in Devín date from 1420, i.e. from the period when the owner of Devín Castle with the town below the castle was Mikuláš Garay and his wife Anna, daughter of Count Herman of Cejle. No written records of this reconstruction have survived. The church was burnt down by the Turks in 1529. Later the church was renovated again (in 1672-1673). Anton Bernolák, the first codifier of the written Slovak language, stayed at the Devín parish in 1785 with his good friend, parish priest Michal Salaky, where he wrote and published his book “Nová bibliotheca” (New Bibliotheca). The Devín church was dedicated to the veneration of the Holy Cross in 1820.

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History of the church

The Parish Church of the Holy Cross in Devín had a complex construction development. The original single-nave church without a tower with a square presbytery (probably from the middle of the 13th century) was gradually expanded into a Gothic triple-nave. Accounts related to the restoration of the ancient Devín church have been preserved from 1672-1673. In 1772, the church tower was structurally modified and the main entrance and side portals were built. In 1788 the presbytery was vaulted with a classical (diamond) vault.

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The hillfort is in the administration of the Balneological Museum in Piešt’any.

Office of the parish Bratislava - Devín

Istrijská 15, 841 07 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel. +421 902 710 334

Local Authority Bratislava - Devín

Kremeľská 878/39, 84110 Bratislava - Devín, Slovakia
tel. +421 02 / 60 20 25 11

How to get to the church?

If you travel by car, take advantage of the parking under the church. Bratislava is easily accessible by bus or train, and you can use public transport to get to Devín. You don’t need a car at all. There’s the bus 129 and the night bus N29, so you can’t get lost. The 129 timetable is here. N29 can be found here. The stop has the name: Cyril and Methodius.