Hrastovlje, municipality of Koper

The Church of the Holy Trinity with the Dance of the Dead frescoes by Johannes de Castua (John of Kastav) from 1490 has a pseudo-basilica three-nave design surrounded by a 16th century camp wall, which the village churches were fortified against the Turkish threat. The inside of the church is full of paint.63 On the north wall, the nave depicts the march and the homage of St. Three Kings.

Mojstrana village, Kranska gora

In the 11th century, the first church was built on this site as a small roman chapel, that got its present look in 1640. The legend says that the church was constructed on the spot wherein the year 868 the Saints Cyril and Methodius stayed overnight when they carried the relics of Pope Clement I to Rome. The romanesque chapel was turned into a baroque-style church.