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Branč Castle

The ruins of the castle are located on a hill in the Myjava Hills above the sub-castle, a local part of the village of Podbranč. It is divided into a lower and a middle castle. The middle castle is separated from the lower castle by a significantly dry deep moat and is divided into the northern courtyard of the middle castle and the residential part of the palace.

After passing through the gate, we finally got a view of the vast expanse of the ruins. It was dominated by a perimeter stone wall, obviously restored and preserved. Above it on the left were the walls of the main part of the structure. The space of the castle was filled with a grassy surface. Right at the beginning you will also come across a well-preserved bastion, which was supposed to protect the entrance of the castle from enemies. Gradually, more and more magical views were revealed, almost to infinity. It was also nice to see the pretty village below the castle. When it comes to views, Branč is surely one of the local market leaders. The castle offers circular views of the wide surroundings, especially the northern and central Záhorie. The opposite is also true – the silhouette of the castle hill with the castle ruins can be seen almost from everywhere. In one part of the castle you will come across a board with a description of the hills you are looking at, which is a welcome bonus.

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history of Branč Castle

The castle was built by Magister Aba of Hlohovec in the period between 1251-1297. At the beginning of the 14th century the owner was Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, at the end of the 14th century it belonged to Žigmund of Luxembourg. In the 16th century it was owned by František Nyáry, who later moved with his family to the manor house in Sobotiště.

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the municipality of Podbranč is a major investor in the restoration of Branč Castle. Therefore, we are adding a contact to the municipality.

Municipality Podbranč

Podbranč č. 219, 906 05 Podbranč
tel. +421 034/6282 423

How to get to the castle?

Branč Castle is a very easily accessible historical place. The castle can be reached by car or bus from Myjava or Senica and from there to the village Podzámok. At the end of the village there is an old cemetery, by which there is a tourist sign, beyond this cemetery you need to climb uphill for about 5 minutes and you are at the ruins of the castle. The road to Branč Castle is gravelly, steeper, but short.

Access to the castle is possible by car or on foot, from the village of Podbranč, from its part Podzámok. The parking lot is located directly below the castle and from there it is a slightly uphill climb along an asphalt road to the castle ruins, about 100 m.

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