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Basilica of Santa Prassede

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Basilica of Santa Prassede

The Basilica minor Santa Prassede (Basilica of Saint Praxede) is a Roman titular church standing to the south of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. It is famous for its magnificent early medieval mosaics of the Cosmati school and is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches, but it was partially altered in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. The plan of the basilica takes as its model the plan of the primitive St. Peter’s Basilica with a central nave, two aisles divided by columns, transept and apse, with a portal with staircase and portico on the outside. 

The most important are the Byzantine mosaics dating from the 9th century, which are located in the apse. On the right side of the Redeemer are St. Peter, Santa Pudenziana and St. Zeno, and on the left are St. Paul, Santa Prassede and Pope Paschalis with a model of the church. Since the Pope is depicted in the mosaic with a square halo, this means that he was still alive when the mosaic was created. All the mosaics have a Byzantine character, and the sisters of St. Pudensian and St. Prasseda are dressed as Byzantine princesses.

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Santa Prassede (Praxedes)

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Byzantine Mosaics in Rome

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The temple was built after 780 by Pope Hadrian I on the ruins of an older temple from the 5th century. He had the relics of two sisters, St. Praxeda and St. Pudentiana, transferred here. Both died martyrs' deaths during the persecution of Christians during the reign of the Roman Emperor Antonius Pius in 165 AD.

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Basilica Santa Prassede

Via di Santa Prassede 9/a, 00184 Rome
tel. +39 06 4 882 456

Moravian Slovakia Museum

Smetanovy sady 179, 686 01 Uherské Hradiště
tel. +420 572 556 556

Velehrad Tourist Centre

Salašská 328, 687 06 Velehrad
tel. 723 984 080

How to get to basilica?

Basilica di Santa Prassede is in the Monti neighborhood of central Rome. The nearest metro stations are Cavour, Vittorio Emanuele, and Termini, all of which are a 5–10 minutes’ walk away. The church entrance is on Via di Santa Prassede.

You can reach Santa Prassede on foot or by bus/ metro.
On foot: the basilica is a 5-minute walk from Termini station and less than 3 minutes walks from the famous Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.
The closest bus stops are those that serve Via Cavour and in particular Metro B stop Cavour and all those that have Termini station as bus terminal (C2, C3, H, M, 16, 38, 40, 64, 75, 82, 85, 90, 92, 105, 170, 175, 217, 310, 360, 649, 714, 910).