Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Svatý Kopeček - Olomouc

Town Hall with the astronomical clock

The Town Hall building, one of the few in the Czech Republic, still serves its purpose today - as the seat of the municipal officials. There is also an exhibition on the history of the town, the astronomical clock and the town hall. All the exhibitions are freely accessible during the municipality's office hours and during guided tours "Olomouc in a nutshell" with a climb up the town hall tower. In the arcade of the town hall you will find the tourist information centre. The Olomouc Astronomical Clock is set into the northern facade of the town hall. Today's appearance of the astronomical clock dates back to the 1950s, as it was damaged considerably during the Second World War. It is certainly an interesting proof of the propaganda role of the official art of that time - socialist realism.

The mosaic decoration consists of medallions on the sides of the niche, depicting works characteristic of the months of the year, and a calendar listing the dates of events considered significant by the communist propaganda of the time. Karel Svolinský, the author of the design, applied the folkloric motif of the ride of the kings at the top of the niche. The first written mention of the original astronomical clock dates back to 1519. The clock has been rebuilt several times throughout its history and equipped with various types of moving puppets. The most artistically valuable was probably the Baroque adaptation designed by the painter Jan Kryštof Handke.