Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Trails in Czechia

Tovačov Castle with the Spanila Tower

The castle with the Leaning Tower is an unmissable dominant feature of Tovačov. It attracts with its richly furnished interiors, the greatest pride of which is the replica of the staircase of the Vienna Opera. The Spanila Tower offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding lakes and ponds. According to legend, the castle was founded in the 2nd half of the 11th century as a refuge for hunters, later it served as a well-protected water fortress. The most important ruling families were the Tovačovský of Cimburk and the Pernštejn family. The complex of buildings of the forecourt, defensive ramparts and the castle park belong to the complex. The castle is shrouded in the mysterious legend of the Black Lady, who appears from time to time and looks for her children in the Black Garden. The place is a former castle cemetery and there is a crypt at a depth of about 8 m that has not been explored yet.