Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Bílý Kříž - Mezivodí

The wooden church of St. Frederic

The wooden church of St. Frederic in the Beskydy recreational mountain village of Bílá was built in the 1870s according to the plan of the builder Antonín Kybasta by the will of the Olomouc Cardinal Fridrich Landrat, after whom the dedication was chosen. The church is a nice wooden building in the style of folk architecture. The wooden church was built by the architect Antonín Kybasta, who sought inspiration for its construction in Sweden. The church is characterized by a tall, narrow tower and an interesting roof design. Inside the church we can admire fourteen columns, which are beautifully carved and light enters through fourteen windows decorated with stained glass windows depicting the different stages of the Stations of the Cross. The tall and slender tower is reminiscent of Nordic architecture. Also, the intricately articulated roof, including the wrap-around plan, demonstrates not only the boldness of the proposed design, but also the skill of the local craftsmen who were able to cope with it during construction. The parish of Bílá is administered from the parish of Ostravice.