Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Mezivodí - Pustevny

The Wallachian Trail – the trail between the treetops of the Pustevny

The above-ground panoramic Valaska Trail is 610 metres long, with the forest section up to the tower being 390 metres long and the rest being a walkway up the 22-metre high cascading tower. It includes a glass viewing platform and a 150-metre-long suspended “Himalayan” walkway. The Path Through the Trees stands at the top station of the cable car in Pustevny, just outside the cross-country skiing area, approximately 250 metres from the cable car towards the Tanečnica peak. The tower is 22 metres high, the highest floor of the tower is 1099 metres above sea level and in good weather it is possible to see the Jeseníky Mountains or Veľká Fatra.

The trail offers two unique technical solutions. A suspended walkway, the construction of which has never been used anywhere else in the country, and a glass observation deck. The latter is meant to evoke the feeling of standing in the air. Visitors will thus spend moments in the treetops, where there is a magnificent view of the Beskydy ridge. The trail is situated at a height of four to fifteen metres and includes the aforementioned observation tower and a 150-metre-long rope walk.

On the trail, visitors will learn many interesting facts about the nature of the Beskydy Mountains and the surrounding area. In the future, the operators plan to build a double zip line – a rope pulley and the highest trampoline playground in the Czech Republic.

Trail parameters:
height at the highest point from the ground 15.2 m
length 394 m
total length of all wooden profiles used – 15 935 m