Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Bunč - Velehrad

The Komínky natural monument

The Komínky natural monument represents the top rocky parts of the wooded ridge of the Chřibů Mountains, stretching from the Kudlovická valley towards Bunč. It is a place where the local inhabitants are said to have lit fires to signal danger. The chimneys in Chřiby form a 40-metre-long belt of isolated sandstone cliffs and rocks of various shapes, sizes and heights at an altitude of 480 to 520 metres above sea level. The rocks of Magura sandstone are located on the slopes and summit of Komínky (520 m), about 1 km east of the recreation centre at Bunč. In the early 20th century, hunters from aristocratic families often came here. Among them was Franz Ferdinand D'Este in 1903. It was for the sake of His Highness that the administration of the estate had comfortable steps with railings carved on the top of the cliff. Local workers inserted the iron fencing into dug holes and watered the beams with liquefied sulphur. Unfortunately, however, the sulphur caught fire and the area around the summit caught fire. The smoke from the mountain so frightened the locals that rumours of an ancient volcano awakening began to spread. Unfortunately, this "duck" was not only reported in the local newspapers of the time, but also in the foreign media of the time.

The Komín Rocks are also said to be the “centre” of Moravia. It is certain that the beauty of the local nature, the silence of the forest, wells and viewpoints of the region will delight the heart of every nature lover. Below the peak you will notice a marble slab in one of the stones. It is a memorial to the leader of the 11th Kromeriz Scout Troop, who died tragically here in 1998.