Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Olomouc - Kokory

The Kingdom Nature Reserve

The Kingdom Nature Reserve is located about 8 km southeast of Olomouc between the villages of Dub nad Moravou, Majetín, Grygov and Charváty. The whole area is interwoven with a network of paths that directly encourages long walks. It is a very species diverse floodplain forest in the vast floodplain of the Morava River. The whole area is characterised by rich flora and fauna. In the spring season, you will find an anemone, hollow-leaved wood anemone, yellow woodruff or primrose in the herbaceous floor. Later on, bear garlic dominates. Among the critically endangered amphibians, there are, for example, the common mockingbird, the mountain mockingbird and the green sundew. Over 63 species of birds nest here. An interesting sight is the monumental tree “Oak King”, which grows near the railway line and is 460 years old.