Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Bunč - Velehrad

The Jeřabčina rock

In the past, the Jeřabčina rock was a great tourist magnet for visitors who came to Bunč. In the 1980s, the dense forest around it was cut down. The whitewashed rock became a welcome landmark for tourists travelling from Brdo to Bunč and also a signpost that told travellers that there were refreshments nearby. The more inquisitive ones probably turned off to the cliff a few hundred metres away through a clearing and climbed the hill at the top of which the cliff rises. Their reward was a great view back to Brdo (then, of course, still without a lookout tower) and to one of the most beautiful Moravian castles, Buchlov. And the most curious ones certainly did not miss the rock bowl not only on the top of the 12 m high rock, but also on the neighbouring rock, which is even more beautiful. Yes, that's right: the Jeřabčina rock consists of one higher rock on the edge of the slope of the Tvarůžek hill (it is one of its three peaks), one larger rock in its neighbourhood, which rolls out further on the ridge, and a smaller set of rocks and boulders, which together form a 40 m long rocky belt. The walls are very tastefully decorated with selectively weathered sandstone. The Jeřabčina rock formation takes its name from the still abundant cranesbills in its surroundings.