Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Kroměříž - Kojetín

St. Moritz Church

The Church of St. Moritz in Kroměříž is one of the largest Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic. The church is the seat of the collegiate chapter of St. Moritz in Kroměříž. It is adjoined to the north by the Archbishop’s Gymnasium complex, which is connected to the Archbishop’s Chateau by the Mill Gate. The bishop chose the unusual dedication to St. Moritz in the Czech lands after his former place of residence, the Church of St. Moritz in Magdeburg. The church in Kroměříž has undergone several modifications throughout its history and was given its present form during a pseudo-Gothic restoration after a fire in the 19th century. The church is adjacent to the Archbishop’s Gymnasium and the Archbishop’s Chateau.

Adjacent to the three-nave hall is the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the tombstones of Bishop Wolfgang H. Schrattenbach and Leopold Egkh. This Marian chapel is one of the most beautiful Baroque interiors in the Czech lands. The main altar is dated 1582. It depicts the patron saint of the church, St. Moritz. The veneration of this saint was introduced by the founder of the church, Bishop Bruno of Schaumburg in Olomouc, whose relics are kept in the chancel in front of the main altar. The canonry and the adjoining vicar’s sacristy are adjacent to the north wall of the chancel. Between it and the chapel is inserted a two-armed spiral staircase leading to the tower. The trussed towers are topped with neo-Gothic belfry extensions. Above the portal at the entrance is a cast-iron plaque commemorating the fire of the church in 1836. Currently, at the opening of the school year and similarly important events, Masses are held for the students of the Archbishop’s Gymnasium or the Music in the Gardens and Chateau festival organised in cooperation with the UNESCO Club.