Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Parks in Olomouc

Parks in Olomouc are the proverbial “lungs” of the city in the heart of Haná, which surround the historic core on all sides.

Olomouc - Kokory

Bezruč Park

They are situated under medieval and Theresian walls and thanks to the unique scenery created by the rocks, walls and the flowing Mlýnský Brook, a walk through these orchards is an exceptional experience. An architectural part of Bezruč Park is the South Slavic Mausoleum, a common tomb with the remains of South Slavic soldiers who died in Moravia and Silesia during World War I. The park is also decorated with a monument to Petr Bezruč, whose name the park bear. From the Bezruč Park you can climb the staircase of Jakubský výpad up the walls to the Parkán Gardens of Palacký University.

Olomouc - Kokory

Smetana Park

It is the largest park in Olomouc and consists of tall stands of chestnut and lime trees. There is also a magnolia garden, which is designed as a relaxation area. In spring, it provides a view of a flood of white and pink flowers, some of which reach a size of up to 20 cm. In autumn and winter, the wondrous East Asian and American elm bushes bloom in yellow and red.

Olomouc - Kokory

Čech Park

Čech Park were established in the 1930s. Čech Park is a park intended primarily for relaxation. The park includes the Memorial to the Liberation of Olomouc by the Soviet Army unveiled in 1945, a statue of Božena Němcová, Professor V. Navrátil and a monument dedicated to the important Olomouc graphic artist Karel. The architectural attractions of the park include the fortress so-called Litovelská Gate, which was moved to the entrance of the orchards in 1896.