Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Kroměříž - Kvasice

Museum of Kroměříž Region

The Museum of Kroměříž Region has its headquarters in Kroměříž, but it also manages the Rymice Open Air Museum and the Velké Těšany Windmill. In the museum building on Velké náměstí, you can visit permanent exhibitions as well as interesting short-term exhibitions, creative workshops, programmes for schools and youth, lectures and conferences all year round. The main building of the Museum of Kroměříž is located in the heart of Kroměříž in a historic house on Velké náměstí. You can literally walk through it from the basement to the attic. There are five permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions in the Small Gallery and the Gallery in the arcade.

In the basement of the museum there is the History exhibition hidden under the pavement of the city. In this attractive setting, you can see objects from prehistoric times to the end of the 17th century, such as finds from uncovered sewage pits and wells, evidence of diet and hygiene, as well as torture instruments and weapons from the Thirty Years’ War. In the exhibition The Time Keepers there is a unique “time machine” assembled in 1929 by the cooper Jan Linduška. It has eight different dials and is equipped with a calendar with 13 months. You can try winding the weights and swinging the clock pendulum or see a real representation of the sundial function. In six exhibition halls, the Max Švabinský Memorial offers seven decades of the work of one of the most important Kromeriz natives. He is presented as the author of a number of paintings, graphic sheets, the creator of mosaics or stained glass, as well as graphics of postage stamps and banknotes. The exhibition Kroměříž in the wheel of history 1848-1948 invites visitors to take a walk through the more recent history of the town. You will learn many interesting facts – what the town centre was illuminated with at the time of the Diet or who among the citizens of Kroměříž took part in the Normandy landings. There are also large stylized models of now defunct monuments, such as the Jewish synagogue. The mysterious Treasures of the Old Soil exhibition is housed in reconstructed authentic rooms with preserved beams, dark corners and mysterious doors. From the real world, you will be transported to the realms of literary and film heroes – you will find yourself, for example, with the Little Prince or the wise Aslan, and children will experience Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole.