Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Lookout tower in the area of Ranch Kostelany

The lower wooden lookout structure was built at the end of 2014 at the highest point of the popular excursion site of Ranch Kostelany (Kroměříž district) in cooperation between Ranch Kostelany and the local municipal authority. It is a 5 m high observation tower at an altitude of 390 m above sea level. After climbing all eighteen steps, the view of the cherry and plum orchard and the amazing panorama of the Chřiby Mountains will appear in front of us. The lookout tower offers a view of the village of Kostelany itself, with the large Sports Hall in the foreground and the surrounding wooded hills forming a backdrop to the village. Further on, towards Kroměříž, we can see the panorama of the hilly area full of larger meadows, pastures and fields (here and there lined with dark green forest cover) and on the right, the road running along the deforested ridge into the forest and heading to Nová Dědina and Kvasice. Towards the east, a view of the wooded Chřiby range opens up. In it, at first glance, the lowland of the Kudlovice valley.