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Bunc - Velehrad

Lookout tower Brdo

The stone lookout tower on the Brdo hill in Chřiby in the Kroměříž region is unique, as it is the first classical stone lookout tower built in the Czech Republic in more than 70 years. There was already one tower on the 587-metre high Brdo hill. But it was made of wood and it fell into disrepair in the 1970s. The Association of Municipalities decided to build a more robust tower, the highest stone tower in Moravia. The stone and wood came from the local forests and surroundings. The construction was blessed by the Archbishop of Olomouc and Metropolitan of Moravia Jan Graubner during the opening ceremony. Brdo Hill is the highest peak of the Chřiby Mountains. There are small rock formations on the north-western slope. The name of the hill is based on the old dialect word “brd”, which refers to a wooded elevation, usually with a rocky top. The lookout tower on Brdo is the third lookout tower to be opened in the Zlín Region. A completely new 24-metre high lookout tower was built on a telecommunications tower on the Doubrava hill near Vizovice in the Zlín region. On Čubova Hill near Francova Lhota in the Vsetín region, a wooden structure was built instead of the original one, which had to be demolished due to its poor technical condition.