Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Trails in Czechia

Kvasice Castle

In the Moravian village of Kvasice stands a four-winged two-storey castle with a prismatic tower, which is surrounded by a nice castle park. In the past, there was a fortress, which was built in 1365. The owner of the fortress was Milota of Benešov and Kvasice. During the Hussite wars the fortress was completely burnt down. The fire destroyed the fortress down to its foundations, so it was necessary to build a new fortress, which was surrounded by a moat. In the 1680s, Havel Kurovský from Vrchlabí was the owner of the water castle. He had the water castle completely rebuilt and a handsome Renaissance chateau was created. The Renaissance arcades, which decorated the inner courtyard of the castle, were particularly beautiful.

The later owners of the Renaissance castle, the Rottals, made Kvasice Castle the seat of the administration of the area they controlled. At that time, all the unnecessary outbuildings in the forecourt were demolished and all the moats and the pond were filled in. In the 19th century, the Renaissance castle in Quasica underwent numerous structural modifications. At that time, the chateau was given a classical style, which has been preserved to this day. Nowadays it is a home for the elderly. However, the chateau garden is open to the general public, so you can take a walk here and if you are cycling, you can take a nice rest break or have a quiet snack here.