Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Dub nad Moravou - Kojetín

Kojetín City Museum

In the museum you can see an exhibition focused on life in Haná at the end of the 19th century, an exhibition dedicated to old technology or you can look into the “Horrible cellar”. You can learn about the history of the Jewish minority of Kojetín in the former synagogue.

How people lived in Hana

Visitors to the museum will see artefacts that were part of the everyday life of the Haná people in the past, such as pictures painted on glass, Haná costumes, ceramics, porcelain, clock collections or original Haná furniture. The exhibition also presents agricultural tools, original paintings by Marie Gardavská and objects related to folk crafts.

Come and be afraid!

You will also find an exhibition called “Horrible cellar”, which is not historically based or connected with Kojetín, but only serves as an attraction. As the name suggests, it is an attraction designed to inspire fear in you, the visitor. However, not fear in the true sense of the word, but fear associated with pleasant tingling, fun and the certainty that everything is just like.

When technology was still in its infancy

An exhibition dedicated to technical gems from the times of our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers. The first part of the exposition is dedicated to unique technical curiosities, you will see for example the original omega massage machine, old typewriters or historical cameras from different time periods. The first part is also dominated by a corner dedicated to old gramophones, music boxes and radios. In the second part, visitors will encounter everyday household technology as our grandmothers knew it. In addition to a beautiful collection of irons and grinders, we can admire old stoves, sewing machines, cookers, ovens and robots, which used to be essential equipment for every household. Visitors can try some of the exhibits for themselves.

Jewish Corner

For those interested in the history of the Jewish minority in Kojetin, the Jewish Corner is open in the former Jewish synagogue. Those interested in this subject can visit this small exhibition and learn about the brief history of the Jewish community in Kojetín from its arrival until its forced mass exodus in the 1940s, when Jews were systematically and inhumanely liquidated by the Nazis and their helpers.