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Church of All Saints

The first church and parish in the village of Hradisko was founded by the Premonstratensian monastery of Hradisko near Olomouc, probably sometime in the 13th century, when the activity of the monks in the local parish is first documented. At that time, Hradisko and Bezmerov were still one village (the division took place in 1698). On the site of today’s church there was originally a wooden church, which was built over the graves of important noblemen. In the 16th century, during the decline of the Catholic Church, the church was almost destroyed. In 1560 the parish was non-Catholic and the priests celebrated mass in the abandoned church. A report from 1582 has been preserved in which Bishop Stanislav Pavlovský admonishes the owner of Hradisko, Jan Purchart Černický, to have the ruined church repaired. In 1591, a priest, the monk Simon, was introduced to the newly built parish. At that time the church had two altars, four bells, a silver gilded chalice with a paten, a monstrance, ciborium, cross, six chasubles and 40 paintings.

The last independent parish priest in Hradisko was parish priest Pavel Svitavský (1610-1616). Since then Hradisko belonged to the parish of Our Lady of Kroměříž and the church began to decay. In 1625 it no longer had a sacristy, baptistery or bell. In 1760, the construction of a new church in the late Baroque style was started and completed in 1776. The church was then consecrated by Archbishop Theodore of Colloredo. Around 1782, an altar was made by František Vavřinec Korompay, but in 1876 a new wooden main altar, imitating the late Baroque style, was purchased. After a burglary in 1928, the church was restored to its present form.