Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Kojetín - Kroměříž

Chropyně Castle

A folk tale about King Ječminek is connected with the town in the plains of Haná. The local castle houses exhibitions of the Chropyň-born painter Emil Filla (1882-1953), one of the most important representatives of European Cubism. The Chropyně Castle, built in the spirit of Mannerism at the beginning of the 17th century, boasts interiors and a museum exhibition dedicated to local history, culture and fish farming. The castle also displays weapons from the Thirty Years’ War and subsequent Turkish Wars, and a memorial to the composer and director of the National Theatre, Emil Axman.

On the first floor you will find the Knights’ and Barber’s Hall, in the adjacent rooms the history of Chropyně starting from prehistoric times, the history of local agriculture, fish farming, folk culture are outlined. There is a memorial to the famous Chropyně native, painter, sculptor and graphic artist Emil Filla (1882 – 1953), a leading representative of expressionism and cubism in Czech art, on the second floor of the chateau. In addition to detailed bibliographic data, there are examples of Filla’s graphic work, such as the cycle of ten original etchings Herakles from 1946. The adjacent rooms, the so-called Fireplace Room and the Bedroom, are furnished with period furniture from the collections of the Kroměříž Museum.

Since 1985, the castle complex has hosted the popular Hanácké festivities every other year, an event aimed at preserving and renewing the region’s folklore traditions. The festivities are always accompanied by a fair with demonstrations of traditional crafts and fairground attractions, and there are also performances by renowned musical groups such as Hradistan. Hanácké festivities are held in Chropyně every odd year at the end of May.