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Kokory - Dub nad Moravou

Chimes in Brodek u Přerova

The unique feature of Brodek is the chimes. Its 22 bells come from the Dytrych family's bell-making workshop and the architectural design is the work of the artist Jiří Studenský. The bells are suspended in a circle on a bell-shaped metal structure, which is built over a circular area and surrounded by water. This area symbolizes the plain of Haná and the water (water tanks) symbolizes the watercourses that surround it. The largest bell weighs 220 kg, the smallest weighs 5 kg. The chimes rang for the first time on 1 January 2000 at 00.00. Up to 100 melodies can be stored in its programme with the possibility of further expansion. The chimes are started daily at 18.00, on Sundays and holidays also at 12.00. At the same time, it can be started manually at any time or, when connected to an electronic keyboard, played directly as a classical instrument.