Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Kojetín - Kroměříž

Castle pond Chropyně

Of the medieval pond system in the surroundings of Chropyně, only the Chropyně pond has survived. It has an area of about 22 hectares, there are two islands, it is partly located in the castle park and is home to many rare species of fauna and flora. The nature trail Around Chropyně leads through the floodplain forest in its surroundings. Of the system of ponds that used to be located in the vicinity of Chropyně, the “Chateau Pond” has been preserved and since 1925 it has been a national nature reserve with the presence of the rare floating anchorfish. It is also the largest breeding site of the Common Gull in Central Europe. Its surface mirrors the dominant feature of the town – the Chropyně castle.