Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Dub nad Moravou - Kojetín

Biocentre Kojetín

The biocentre, located in the “Pod oborou” area, covers about 10 hectares. It is made up of a system of flow-through and non-flow-through pools (seven large pools and dozens of pools), water ditches and handling facilities. The whole complex of sensitively designed elements will allow the natural ecosystem to exist permanently. The biocentre, which has been built on the site of a wetland and waterlogged areas, serves primarily to retain water in the landscape, for vegetation and reproduction of many endangered and rare species of animals and plants and, among other things, as a polder to protect against floods.

Part of the biocentre is also accessible to tourists, who can learn about the local natural values, legends, history and present of our town on a roughly two-kilometre walk along the nature trail. The trail’s information boards are designed to provide tourists with information in an active way – they incorporate games and moving elements that allow them to test their existing knowledge or discover new things about the world of nature and life on earth. Visitors will also find rest areas along the trail, encouraging them not only to quietly observe the fascinating order of nature, but also to calm down, relax their minds and unwind.