Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Svatý Kopeček - Olomouc

Archdiocesan Museum

The Archdiocesan Museum is housed in the buildings of the chapter deanery and in the grounds of the Premyslid Palace, a national cultural monument. The tour route also includes the Romanesque bishop's palace of Jindřich Zdík (Premyslid Palace) and the Chapel of St. Barbara. The museum's permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the spiritual culture of the Olomouc Archdiocese. The picture gallery contains top-quality paintings collected by the bishops of Olomouc since the 16th century. The building also includes the concert hall "Mozarteum", named in memory of the famous composer W. A. Mozart's stay here. The museum also offers 25 headphone audio guides in Czech, English, German and Polish.

Permanent Exhibishions

Romanesque Bishop’s Palace
This is the most important palace-type building monument in the Czech lands. According to research, the palace was built just before the middle of the 12th century.

To Glory and Praise – 1000 Years of Spiritual Culture in Moravia II
The permanent exhibition of the Archdiocesan Museum is arranged in two basic sections, the first of which, entitled Art of the Olomouc Diocese, is designed chronologically and includes all artistic disciplines (architectural fragments, painting, sculpture, artistic crafts – goldsmithing and textiles, etc.).
The next exhibition area, entitled The Collecting of the Bishops of Olomouc, presents a collection of paintings including important works of Italian, Dutch and Central European provenance. The origins of the collection date back to the 17th century and constitute one of the finest Central European collections of old paintings.

The museum has been renovated and was reopen in April 2023. It presents not only an extension of the existing exhibitions, but above all a new permanent exhibition – Here You Are. Saint Wenceslas Hill in the Changes of Centuries. A large part of it will be dedicated to new media and digital content – for example, virtual visualization of the area of St. Wenceslas Hill – in prehistoric, medieval and modern times, or, for example, an educational room with a virtual game console, where those interested will be able to experience the construction of the cathedral.