Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Svatý Kopeček - Olomouc

Archbishop's Palace

The Archbishop's Palace has been the residence of the bishops of Olomouc since its foundation and since 1777 also of the archbishops. The Archbishop's Residence is an important example of Baroque palace architecture in Moravia. In the course of its history, it has witnessed a number of important events, including the visit of Maria Theresa, the enthronement of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the conclusion of the peace treaty known as the "Olomouc Points" and the visit of Pope John Paul II. Currently, one tour circuit is open to the public, which includes the representative halls of the Archbishop's Palace located on the first floor. The interiors have preserved rich rococo, empire and neo-baroque decoration and are equipped with period furnishings. These rooms are linked to the most important events that took place in the building.