Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Cyril and Methodius Route

Discover a profound, eleven-century-long impact
on the cultural history and cultural identity of the Slavs

European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius is dedicated to the legacy of the co-patrons of Europe, St. Cyril and Methodius. By spreading the positive European values that Saints Cyril and Methodius created in the 9th century and still create as co-patrons of Europe, the Cyril and Methodius Route contributes to modern Europeanism – understanding, culturally friendly dialogue and the unity of the continent. In these difficult times, these values are taking on an extraordinary dimension. We ask friends of the cultural routes to support the people of Ukraine as much as possible, either financially or in other ways. Thank you.


The Cultural Routes programme, launched by the Council of Europe in 1987, demonstrates in a visible way, by means of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of the different countries and cultures of Europe represent a share cultural heritage.

The cultural routes demonstrate the diversity of living cultures and the combination of local heritage with European ideas. They make it possible to discover new destinations and shed light on forgotten or hidden aspects of the common heritage.


The Cultural Routes put into practice the fundamental values of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural democracy, cultural diversity and identity, dialogue, mutual exchange and enrichments across boundaries and centuries. As of 2022, there are 48 certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

Network of Slavic heritage

From the first Slavic script - Glagolitic - and the Old Slavic language to the present.

Network of locations

Interesting places connected with the spread of the Cyril and Methodius legacy.

Network of trails

Inspired by the journey of Slavic missionaries and their followers.

Network of events

Cultural and educational activities throughout the year.

Network of products

Tourism products - coordinated under the common logo of the Cyril and Methodius Route.

Network of institutions

Maintaining the heritage of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

What is the Cyril and Methodius Route?

Memory and inspiration by the Cyril and Methodius legacy and appreciation of the Christian traditions and culture of the countries associated with the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius, as well as their followers, create an interesting topic for cognition in Europe.

Goals of ECRCM Association

The European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius is an international network of partners that seeks to make visible and preserve the unique European heritage, the authentic story of the Cyril and Methodius mission.

Membership in ECRCM Association

The association is open to new members who are interested in supporting its objective – the creation of a sustainable partner network developing an international cultural route thematically focused on the Cyril and Methodius legacy.

Points of Interest

Discover locations connected with Cyril and Methodius Heritage.


Ceremonial opening of the Cyril and Methodius Centre

The new Cyril and Methodius Centre was inaugurated at the Memorial of Great Moravia in the Staré Město. The Cyril and Methodius Route has also been given space for its presentation in the new exhibition The Story of Constantine and Methodius. Come and learn about the history and modern history of the route in the Staré Město

Invitation to summer thematic events in the Bratislava region

Summer thematic events on the topic “Slavs – how they lived here and what they left us” have been prepared in the Bratislava region in Slovakia. In September, you can visit, for example, Stúr markets in Modra or demonstrations of a period camp with a kitchen with a band of interpretations, demonstrations of duels and period crafts in Svätý Jur.

A walking pilgrimage from Velehrad to Nitra linked the main sites of the Cyril and Methodius celebrations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Slovak national Cyrillo-Methodian celebrations “Nitra, Lovely Nitra” marked the culmination of a week-long pilgrimage from Velehrad to Nitra along the 210-kilometre-long Cyrillo-Methodian trail held since June 26 to July 5. Pilgrims from Velehrad brought to the main organizers of the celebrations in Nitra – the Mayor of Nitra Marek Hattas, the President of the Nitra Self-Governing Region Milan Belica and Bishop Mons. Viliam Judák – gingerbread hearts from Velehrad.


The festive concert Musica cordis / Music to the Heart, Youth – Hope for the Future will take place on Wednesday 29 June at 3 pm in the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saits Cyril and Methodius in Velehrad on the occasion of the European Year of Youth. ORCH & RADEK BLAHUŠ, the School Choir of the Piarist Gymnasium of Jozef Branecký from Trenčín with choirmaster Martin Holúbek and the Choir of the Stojan Gymnasium, Velehrad with choirmaster Filip Macek will perform.

Great summer pilgrimage in honour of Saints Cyril and Methodius from Velehrad to Nitra

It is a great honour for ancient Nitra to be one of the important points on the international Cyril and Methodius Route. We will gladly welcome the pilgrims from Velehrad to our town under Zobor and thus connect the centres preserving the Great Moravian and Cyril and Methodius traditions with a symbolic living bridge.  It can be believed that this year’s pilgrimage will enrich the mosaic of long-standing cooperation with the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

33rd Cyril and Methodius Days in Terchova

The 33rd edition of the Cyril and Methodius Days held in Terchová on 3-5 July brings closer the timeless legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius. An integral part of the programme this year will be, in addition to Holy Masses and other spiritual events, concerts of classical music, church singing and folklore performances etc.

Cycling pilgrimages Nitra - Trnava and Trnava - Nitra 2022

On the occasion of the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, we are preparing to extend of the European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius with a cycling trail that will lead from Nitra Castle – the seat of the Bishop of the Nitra Diocese to the seat of the Archdiocese of Trnava.


Get to know the stories of memorable places in Moravia and Slovakia, solve quiz questions and the secret written in Glagolitic. Get to know the legacy of Great Moravia, the legacy of our ancestors.